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Cleaning Method Of Air Filter
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1 Cleaning Parts

The unit's surface, internal, initial effect filter and medium effect filter, replace the high efficiency filter.

You can refer to the previous introduction of high efficiency filter cleaning procedures

2 Cleaning Appliances

Dishcloth, trough, detergent, stainless steel frame.

3 Cleaning conditions

The final resistance of the first and middle effect filters is twice times higher than the initial resistance.

4 Cleaning Contents

4.1 Initial and middle effect filter cleaning method

4.1.1 for the filter surface is not very dirty, the filter will be taken out of the outdoor with clean compressed air on both sides of the wash, blown to the eye in the light without dust particles.

4.1.2 is very dirty to the surface of the filter, it needs to be washed. In the general area of the water room (air-conditioned room) with trough into a reference of about 100 kg of water, will be 1 kg bottled detergent refined after dilution, the filter into the trough to be submerged in the water. Rinse a number of times, to no pollution, and finally rinse until the water is clear, remove the stainless steel grille to mop up the dry water, and then tiled on the shelves dried, cool sun to double-sided to speed up drying.