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Air Filtration
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The oil-bath air filter is especially important in the environment of the dust concentration. General fluid machinery (air compressors, compressors, vacuum pumps, fans, etc.) use of dust filter devices for the commonly used screen-type, raschig ring, paper and fiber material filtration. The use of screen-type two dust, dust collection area is small, can only filter the larger dust, resulting in fine dust through the suction pipe into the fluid mechanical cavity, exacerbated the cylinder wear, parts and components are often dissolved cleaning, replacement. resulting in high cost of materials, accessories, many faults, low efficiency of equipment use, and the use of paper and fiber filter, dust accumulation is easy to plug, the same need for frequent downtime and replacement of filter materials. Increase the labor intensity of workers. and ZKSG type Oil bath air filter, set cyclone, oil bath, oil film and filter, such as a variety of dust removal methods as a whole, with an anechoic device of a new type of high-performance low-noise air noise filter. Filter dust efficiency >98%, filtration accuracy <5&micro., resistance to 30 mm water column. Reduce the suction mouth noise by 35 db (A). It is obvious to solve the high cost of fluid mechanical material fittings, many faults and low efficiency of equipment use. To increase the labor intensity of workers and other problems, played a good effect.

The oil-bath air filter is cylindrical and the cylinder is separated into three parts: outer tube, inner tube, and out trachea. The inner upper part is a swirl plate (or a diversion vane) and a filter net, the lower part is communicated with the outer cylinder, and the bottom of the barrel is filled with the general fluid mechanical oil (waste oils). Airflow from the tangential direction of suction outside the barrel, high-speed rotation, the dust particles in the airflow is separated by centrifugal force. Then the air flow over the oil surface, oil surface fluctuations, some oil mist by airflow entrainment rotation, adhesion inside the cylinder wall to form oil film, the dust particles in the air, for oil film capture. The oil film goes back along the wall and becomes a drooping oil curtain. When the air passes through the oil bath, some dust particles are caught. And the airflow in the inside of the barrel rises, through the swirl plate to increase the rotation, will be entrained in the flow of oil droplets into the back of the oil tank from the back of the tubing into the bottom of the tube, part of the flow along the tube wall, will be collected from the tube wall oil film collected dust washed down to the bottom, resulting in a new film Then the air flow again through the filter net, filter the smaller dust particles and oil droplets, to achieve the purpose of air filtration. The suction port noise is mainly the noise and airflow noise of the mechanical noise which is produced by the general fluid machinery running through the pipeline and the gas to the suction port, and affects the surrounding environment. ZKSG Oil-type air noise filter because of the use of tangential to the gas, air flow by the oil film, oil bath and screen damping and the lattice, and after several expansion, and at the top of the muffler cap these all play a very good role in silencing, thus greatly reducing the suction mouth noise.