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Why the Rated work pressure of the Screw Air Compressor is more than the actual pressure?
- Jan 10, 2019 -

The cause of chosing Rated the work pressure is more than the Actual work pressure 1-2 bar screw air compressor is that there is a certain amount of loss during the conveying process.For example, in the process from the installation position of the air compressor to the actual gas end, the compressed gas needs to be transported through the pipeline, which will cause pressure loss. Finally, the pressure of the compressed air that is transmitted to the gas end will definitely become smaller. And in this transfer process, the longer the pipe, the more the inflection point, the greater the pressure loss. Therefore, in order to ensure the air pressure at the end of the gas equipment, we must purchase an air compressor with a slightly rated working pressure. And 1-2 bar is just a common value.

Certainly, for the industrial product, the loss of the pressure is power waste,so we will adopt 3 ways to reduce the lost .( Attention can only be minimized and impossible to avoid. Therefore, when purchasing an air compressor, its rated working pressure is still slightly larger than the actual working pressure.).

1. Install the air compressor as close as possible, that is, the distance between the screw air compressor and the air end should be as close as possible.

2. Appropriately enlarge the diameter of the main line.

3.Reduce the inflection point of the pipe.

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