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Why is the atlas air compressor expensive
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Why is the atlas air compressor expensive?

1. Separate the design of the internal hot and cold surface of the compressor.

Atlas Copco compressor internal cold and hot side separate arrangement, even in the hot surface moisture in the oil separator is not easy with steam condensation water in oil (to ensure the quality of the lubricating oil), and in cold air inlet suction temperature as low as possible.

2. AGMA13 gearbox.

The Atlas Copco compressor's gearbox adopts AGMA13 manufacturing standard, which is the highest international level, ensuring that this gearbox will not be damaged under any working conditions.

3. Bearing of important parts.

The failure time and life of the main rotor depend on the life of the bearing, so the bearing is the best.

4. Straight coupling.

Reduce the impact vibration of the stop and unloading, and specially set the coupling cooling fan to increase the life of the coupling.

5. Maximum air output.

By using the patent, ATLAS COPCO, the diameter of the same length extended now in the high precision of asymmetric spiral rotor, 12 other brands use asymmetric spiral rotor, compared with other brands, ATLAS COPCO, machine air volume high 0.8 1 m3 / min;

6. Low consumption and low operating cost.

GA type injection screw compressor is an important economic indicators add lubricating oil quantity, the effect of lubricating oil in addition to the lubrication between the screw rotor, another important role is take away the heat generated by the compression.The more heat you generate, the more lubricant you need, and the less efficient the compressor is.

7. Large internal space and easy to maintain.

Compressor at the top of the tall, good internal air flow, and the maintenance space is large, the replacement of oil filter, air filter, oil separator, the heat exchanger cleaning, has specialized design, without special tools or auxiliary equipment, single person can operate, especially the change of oil separator, just open a few screws without down the upper section.

Therefore, in the common screw air compressor, many manufacturers can't afford to buy the new atlas screw air compressor.It's not that you don't know the benefits of the atlas screw air compressor, because it's too expensive.