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What should be paid attention to when the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor starts? (2)
- Feb 25, 2019 -

6.When the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is started in the cold machine in winter, the ambient temperature is low and the viscosity of oil is high. The slow supply of oil to the machine head will cause high temperature shutdown. To alleviate this phenomenon, add a manual switch to the control panel and  control the unit loading and unloading state, the operation method is:

Pull the air open to the open position, start the air compressor, the unit start display is loaded, the actual intake valve is closed (unloading operation), after 2 minutes of no load, open to the closed position, the air compressor starts Load and run, close the switch for 5 seconds, pull down the switch again, and let the air compressor unload and run. Close it again after 2 minutes, then repeat the operation 2-3 times, then close the switch and run for 5-10 minutes to observe the exhaust. Temperature rise rate and temperature rise range, if the exhaust gas temperature is basically stable between 82-94 °C, indicating that the air compressor has reached normal operating conditions, can operate normally; according to the temperature condition, open and close the exhaust port sliding door; When the exhaust gas temperature is above 92 °C, adjust the sliding door opening according to the ambient temperature.) When the ambient temperature is above 5 °C , it can be started according to the normal starting procedure.

7. After the machine is stopped, the sliding door of the outdoor air outlet must be closed to ensure the indoor environment temperature;

8. If the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor unit in operation is found to have abnormal conditions such as oil leakage and abnormal noise, please stop it in time to confirm that the fault can be restarted.

9. Clean up the debris and internal oil pollution around the air compressor, and restore the air compressor room lighting as soon as possible.

10. If the machine is not started for a long time, remove the air inlet control valve before starting again, add an appropriate amount of cooling oil of the same brand from the air inlet of the main engine, and turn the compressor several times by hand.


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