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What should be paid attention to when the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor starts?
- Feb 21, 2019 -

1. When starting the air compressor, the indoor temperature of the air compressor room must be above 5.

2. The air compressor sliding door of the air compressor unit that is not opened is closed, and the indoor hot air exhaust port is closed to ensure the indoor temperature.

3. Make sure the dryer outlet valve (electric) is open before starting the machine.

4.When switch on the air compressor ,should open the dryer 5 miuntes in advance.

5.Before starting up the machine,should check the air compressor oil level whether in the normal scale.(Note: When the unit is loading and running, the cooling oil level scale is normal between 3 and 17.If it is too low, it needs to be immediately stopped and added to the specified value range), the unit has no obvious leakage oil.


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