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What is the effect of air temperature on air compressor?
- Dec 20, 2018 -

As we all known, the temperature has a great impact on the normal operation of the air compressor. Many failures of air compressor are caused by high temperature. Then, what effect will the height of the air temperature have on the air compressor?

The humidity of the air changes with the state of the air. When the air is compressed, the temperature rises and the relative humidity decreases. When compressed air expands, the temperature of the air drops, its relative humidity increases, and water is usually released from it.

 1. The moisture in the air will narrow the compressed air passage and increase the resistance of air flow;

 2. It will affect the volumetric efficiency of the gas;

3. It is not conducive to the compression of the unit, so that the compression equipment is subjected to hydraulic impact. If a large amount of water is stored in the cooler and cylinder, it will also cause damage to the unit;

4. The water in the air has highly corrosive, easy to rust the compression equipment and pneumatic machinery , shorten the service life;

 5. The moisture in the gas will be mixed with the lubricating oil in the compression process, which will reduce the lubrication efficiency and increase the abrasion of the machine parts, which will not only cause poor sealing, but also accelerate the deterioration of the lubricating oil;

 6. Air supply system has water, when the temperature is lower than 0 , water on the inner wall of the duct will freeze. Likewise, reducing pipe diameters,what worse,  sometimes it will even cause individual pipes to freeze completely, hindering the work of individual sections. Therefore, the quality of compressed air depends not only on its pressure, but also on its humidity.



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