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What are the factors that affect the actual displacement of the screw air compressor?
- Nov 19, 2018 -

 1. The speed of the equipment


It is well known that air displacement is discharged per unit time by the air compressor and converted to the air volume in the inhaled state, and the air displacement of the screw air compressor is proportional to the rotational speed under normal conditions. However, the speed of the equipment is often changed by the actual voltage and frequency. If the user's equipment is affected by the real-time voltage, forcing the speed to slow down, then the air displacement of the equipment will definitely decrease accordingly.


2. The inhalation state of the equipment


The screw air compressor is a volumetric compressor that compresses the volume of air. Although the volume of inhaled air does not change, the exhausted air changes due to the change in the density of the inhaled air. The higher the temperature, the more the air expands and the air density becomes smaller. After compression, the mass is greatly reduced and the air displacement is also reduced. At the same time, affected by the pressure of the suction pipe, the greater the pressure, the more the suction resistance is affected, and the air output is reduced. In addition, it should be checked to prevent air leakage, which will undoubtedly reduce the air displacement.


 3. The cooling effect of the equipment


 During the operation of the equipment, the temperature will also rise continuously. Although there is a series of self-cooling settings,but still be a high temperature inside the equipment, and the inhaled air will rapidly heat up and expand, and the inhaled air will decrease. Therefore, we can't ignore the related materials and configuration components of the device's self-cooling.


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