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What are the energy saving methods for air compressors?
- Oct 12, 2018 -

1. Frequency control mode

The frequency conversion method is adopted to reduce the shaft power output of the air compressor motor. Before the transformation, when the pressure of the air compressor reaches the set pressure, it will be unloaded automatically; after the transformation, the air compressor will not unload, but reduce the gas production when the compressor is reduced by reducing the rotation speed, and maintain the gas network needs. Minimum pressure. There are two places to save energy.

2. Use air compressor energy saving controller

The product is manufactured using high-quality materials and components using the latest microcomputer fuzzy control technology. It also has the functions of on-site multi-channel acquisition of air compressor temperature and ambient temperature, as well as customer gas consumption, automatic identification and control of downtime.

3. Centralized control method

Centralized control of multiple air compressors. The number of operating units of the air compressor is automatically controlled according to the gas usage. Before the transformation, the number of air compressors opened is fixed.

4. Air compressor heat recovery

Air compressor heat recovery is a very environmentally friendly way to save energy.

5. The working principle of the heat recovery device

The high temperature oil of the air compressor transfers heat to the cooling water through the heat exchanger, and the cooling water is heated and flows into the heat storage bucket, so that the heat energy recovery can be achieved.


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