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Tips on the use of screw machine parts (2)
- Sep 20, 2018 -

4, Gas storage tank and oil separator

The gas storage tank and oil separator shall be manufactured and accepted according to the pressure vessel standard and shall not be modified arbitrarily.


5, Safety valve

The safety valve installed on the gas storage tank and oil separator shall be inspected at least once a year. The safety valve shall be operated by the special person. The lever shall be loosened at least once every three months to open and close the valve once to ensure the safety valve works properly.

(1) The inspection steps are as follows

a, Close the air supply valve

b, Turn on the water source

c, Start the unit

d,While observing the working pressure, slowly rotate the adjusting bolt of the pressure regulator clockwise. The safety valve must be adjusted when the pressure reaches the specified value but the safety valve has not been opened or has been opened before the specified value is reached.

(2) The adjustment steps are as follows

a, Remove the cap and seal

b,If the valve is opened too early, loosen the lock nut and tighten the positioning bolt half a turn. If the valve is opended too late, loosen the lock nut about one turn and loosen the positioning bolt half a turn.

c,Repeat the inspection procedure. If the safety valve cannot be opened when the specified pressure value is reached, then adjust it again.


6, The experiment of digital thermometer

The digital thermometer is tested by placing its thermocouple in an oil bath with a reliable thermometer. If the temperature deviation is greater than or equal to +/-5%, the thermometer should be replaced.


7, Motor overload relay

Under normal conditions, the contacts should be closed.When the current exceeds the rated value, the motor is turned off.


The above is about the use of screw air compressors. Mechanical equipment looks sturdy, but if we use it improperly, it will strike. Therefore, the correct use of our machinery is very important.


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