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Three transmission modes of screw air compressor
- Nov 29, 2018 -

1. Drive belt

Engineers should always check the wear and tightness of the drive belt. If the tightness is not properly adjusted, it will increase wear or breakage. When checking the tightness of the belt, the thumb can be pressed with the force of 40N in the middle of the two pulleys, generally 10 to 15 mm below. When checking the wear of the belt, in addition to checking the wear and aging of the working surface, it is necessary to check the outer plane of the V-belt to be more than 1-2 mm above the edge of the pulley. Otherwise, the belt has reached the wear limit and must be replaced. When replacing, be sure to select a belt of the same quality and the same model to be replaced in groups. Otherwise, it will be damaged due to uneven force on the belt when transmitting power.


2. Gear transmission

The transmission mode is that the cylinder of the air compressor is docked with the engine block or the gear box, and is directly driven by the gear of the engine. If it is found that the air compressor is faulty and needs to be dismantled and overhauled, be sure to check the gear wear and the meshing clearance, and check the tightening state of the gear, and find the problem to be tightened, adjusted or replaced in time.


3. Coupling drive

Air compressors with coupling drives, some output power at the rear of the fuel injection pump, and some are connected to the engine timing gear box. During the inspection, it is possible to check whether the connection is reliable in the static state, and whether there is obvious looseness when moving by hand. When running at low, medium and high speeds, there should be no abnormal noise in the couplings and bearings.


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