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The way and the inspection way of the compressor energy saving.(2)
- Jan 28, 2019 -

3.The inspection of the air compressor energy saving

Energy-saving monitoring must be carried out under normal conditions of air compressor units and air supply systems, and the statistics should be representative

A. Stable air compressor unit, take 2 hours as a inspection cycle. Unstable air compressor unit,  take 1 hours or few hours as the load change period are used as one detection period.

B. During the inspection period, at the same time, the measured parameters under the same working condition shall be sampled. The measured parameters shall be re-sampled more than three times, the sampling interval is 10-20 minutes, and the average value of each group of readings is taken as the calculated value.

C. The volumetric flow rate of the air compressor is measured by the flow meter method. Determination of water-cooled air compressor units according to the relevant thermal equilibrium method.

D.The requirements of the Measuring instrument.

Electricity, temperature, pressure and flow measurements will be within the Scope of use . The accuracy of the measuring instrument (including the online working instrument) must be in accordance with the regulations. The meter will be within the validity period of the test.


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