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The way and the inspection way of the compressor energy saving.(1)
- Jan 24, 2019 -

1. Select variable frequency air compressor

Choose energy-saving inverter air compressor to save energy and reduce electricity cost. Therefore, it is especially important to choose an energy-saving air compressor.

 2. There are three main types of energy-saving transformation methods for air compressors.

 A.Through the way of frequency control

The frequency conversion method is adopted to reduce the motor shaft power output of the air compressor.

a. Reduce the power consumption of the air compressor from the unloading state to the loading state.

b. The motor running frequency is reduced to below the power frequency, so that the output power of the motor shaft is reduced.

B.Centralized control

Centralized control is adopted for multiple air compressors. According to the gas situation, the number of operating units of the air compressor is automatically controlled. Before the transformation, the number of air compressors opened is fixed.

a. When the air consumption is reduced, the air compressor with good performance will stop automatically. In the case mentioned above, the air compressor needs to consume electrical energy even in the case of unloading. However, after the transformation, the corresponding number of air compressors can be stopped, and the number of operating units is reduced, thereby saving electricity.

b. When the air is reduced to a certain amount, the air compressor reduces the air production by reducing the loading time.

C. Heat recovery of air compressor

Air compressor heat recovery is a very energy-saving and environmentally friendly method.


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