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The Service and Maintenance of Screw Air Compressor (2)
- Jul 09, 2018 -

3. Maintenance and replacement of the oil separator of the screw air compressor.

The role of the oil separator is to separate the oil and air mixture. Under normal use, the oil separator has a life of about 3,000 hours, but the quality of the lubricant and the filtration accuracy of the air have an important effect on its life. The maintenance and replacement cycle of the oil separator must be shortened in harsh environments.

The oil separator must be replaced after about 3,000 hours or the pressure difference before and after filtration exceeds 0.12Mpa. Otherwise, the motor will be overloaded, the current will be too large, the power will be excessively consumed, and the oil separator will be easily damaged and cause oil leakage.

4. Maintenance and replacement of screw air compressor oil.

The quality of screw air compressor oil has a decisive influence on the stability of the air injection screw air compressor. Good oil has good oxidation stability, rapid separation, good foaming, high viscosity and good corrosion resistance. The user must use a special screw oil that matches the equipment.

After the new machine is running for 500 hours, the first oil is replaced, and the new oil is replaced after every 2,000 hours of operation. It is best to change the oil filter at the same time when changing oil. The replacement cycle should be shortened when used in harsh environments.

If the air compressor oil is replaced under the air compressor cold state, the air compressor should be started for 5 minutes to reduce the viscosity of the oil. Stop running completely, open the drain valve at the bottom of the oil and air tank, and connect the oil storage tank. The oil drain valve should be opened slowly to prevent the oil with temperature splash on the human body.

During the use, it is necessary to check frequently. When the oil level is too low, it should be replenished with new oil. The condensed water must be discharged frequently during the use of the oil. Generally, it should be discharged once a week, and should be discharged once every 2-3 days in a high temperature climate.

Lubricating oil is strictly forbidden to be mixed with different brands. It is strictly forbidden to mix and use different brands of lubricating oil, and avoid excessive use of lubricating oil. Otherwise, the quality of the lubricating oil is lowered, the lubricity is poor, the flash point is lowered, and the high temperature shutdown is easily caused, or the oil is spontaneously ignited.

5. Daily maintenance of the screw air compressor cooler.

The daily maintenance of the screw air compressor cooler is also very important, and the heat dissipation effect directly affects the operating temperature of the air compressor. The plate-fin structure is easy to accumulate dust, so the maintenance of the cooler needs to be periodically purged with dry compressed air. If the screw air compressor is used in a harsh environment and the surface of the cooler is full of oil and can not be blown clean, then the radiator should be removedwash it with high-pressure water which is used to wash carto restore the cooling effect of the screw air compressor radiator.


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