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The role of pressure sensors in air compressor systems
- Nov 15, 2018 -

There are three basic types of air compressors: swing, rotary and centrifugal. It is usually subdivide it on this basis. The pressure in a typical industrial air compressor ranges from 2 hp to 10,000 hp. Air compressors are mainly used in pneumatic control, execution, injection equipment, pneumatic tools, air discharge operations and other applications.


The most common air compressors typically operate at 125 psi (about 8.6 atmospheres) and gas flow rates from 1 CFM to 15,000 CFM. When air containing impurities or contaminants passes through the compressor, the efficiency of the air compressor is greatly reduced and its useful life is reduced. To this end, general manufacturers will install separation and filtration equipment to remove dirt, moisture and oil from the air.


As the filtration equipment adsorbs more pollutants, the pressure drop of the filtered gas will become larger and larger. Therefore, it is necessary to use a pressure sensor to monitor the pressure drop of the air. When the pressure drop of the air reaches 10 psi, the pressure sensor can trigger an alarm system in the circuit to notify the operator to clean or replace the filter device in time. The pressure drop of the air is affected by various factors such as the use environment, the using time the filter, and the amount of filtered air. Therefore, in the actual process, the filtering equipment is cleaned or replaced as needed, rather than only the using time.


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