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The reason why the air compressor oil temperature is too high
- Jul 19, 2018 -

If the air temperature of the air compressor is too high, the cause must be found. Can't get rid of protection device to maintain production.

The general reason for the temperature is too high:

1. The quality of the lubricating oil is not good, the viscosity increases too fast or the oil is dirty;

2. Lubricating oil aging failure;

3. The oil cooler water pipe has too much dirt or blockage, the temperature control valve of the oil cooler does not operate, and the cooler efficiency is low;

4. The oil temperature sensor fails. If the PLC control is used, it does not rule out the problem of the integrated circuit board;

5. The ambient temperature is too high, resulting in high temperature of the lubricating oil;

6. The oil return path is not smooth or the oil filter is clogged, resulting in insufficient oil supply;

7. The exhaust pressure does not reach the set value, because the selection is wrong (small selection);

8. The air filter or the oil separator is blocked, the intake throttle valve does not operate or malfunctions (the intake valve is in the closed state), causing serious leakage inside the screw air compressor;

9. The compressor speed is not enough, and the V-belt is too loose, which will also cause the gas volume to drop;

10. The moving parts are poorly matched with each other;


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