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The method of cleaning the lubricant oil way in screw compressor
- Dec 17, 2018 -

The oil circuit system of air compressor is just like the blood vessel system of human. We must make sure that it is unobstructed. If they are not unobstructed, there will be fatal consequences. Unblocked blood vessels will lead to dementia, mental retardation and other risks. Similarly, if the oil circuit of the air compressor fails, the air compressor will not work. Therefore, we need to regularly clean the air compressor to ensure the normal operation of our air compressor. Today we will introduce the cleaning method of the screw compressor’s lubricating oil road .


1.The analysis of the fault cause


Screw air compressors are all using the cooling the oil of the lubricating oil closed cycle.Running at high temperature for a long time(generally in the 75-75 ). Therefore, there may be different degrees of carbon accumulation, scaling, acidification and other deterioration of oil products. Due to carbon accumulation and other reasons, may lead to oil circuit components (such as solenoid valve, temperature control valve, etc.) damage, oil circuit blocking, heat transfer effect is not good and other faults.


2. The maintenance of oil line system


(1) Disassemble and check oil solenoid valve and diaphragm.

(2) Disassemble, inspect and clean the temperature control valves and components.

(3) Disassemble, inspect and clean oil pipelines, pipe fittings and joints, etc.

(4)Disassemble and inspect the heat exchanger, soak and clean it.

If it is a water-cooled machine, scale cleaning agent should be applied to soak the waterway system.


3.  The effect of maintenance


The operating temperature can be significantly reduced and the normal operation can be ensured in a higher environment.


4. Cleaning agent and usage


The oil way cleaning:Use special carbon cleaning agent, Add 1 gallon of concentrated carbon cleaning agent to each machine for every 10 gallons of compressor oil. First make sure that enough compressor oil is drained to allow the carbon cleaner to be added to the storage tank.Then run the compressor continuously for 40 to 60 hours. In order to prevent the re-deposition of suspended pollutants, when the oil is still hot, it is necessary to completely drain the lubricating oil in the compressor, thus can achieve the best effect.

The waterway cleaning: Using special scale cleaning agent, It needs to be heated and soaked.