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The maintenance of the air compressor is not at all done!
- Sep 03, 2018 -

For the maintenance of air compressors, everyone can say it, but if do it, surely many people don't know how to start, and someone can't doing enough. as we all know ,good maintenance is very important for air compressors, which not only greatly improves the performance of the machine, but also greatly extends its service life. how to do the maintenance of the air compressor? What work can't be ignored? Let's take a look on below:

1. In order to provide good lubrication, use the standard oils and prohibit the use of inferior oil;

2. Touring the apricots to the prescribed monitoring points and carefully filling in the operating records;

3, Always check the readings of each pressure gauge and thermometer whether are within the specified range;

4. Keep the oil level in the lubricating oil pool and the oiler in the specified range;

5. Check whether the oil filling device is normal and the feeding condition of the lubricating oil to each oil filling point. If the oil filling is not normal, stop the air compressor operation and eliminate it;

6. Always pay attention to the working conditions of the exhaust valve and the suction valve and clean regularly;

7. Always pay attention to the intercooler, whether the safety valve status on the gas storage tank is in good condition and reliable;

8. Regularly clean or replace the filter and regularly change the lubricating oil;

9. The oil water condensed by the intercooler should be discharged once every two hours. The gas storage tank should be discharged once per shift. If the humidity in the air is large, the number of discharges should be increased.

10. Regularly check the safety protection device;

11. Turn off the power after stopping and close the cooling water valve.


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