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The Instruction of the Air Compressor Protection (2)
- Jan 17, 2019 -

2. The cause of cracks in the machine parts and the troubleshooting plan .

 The common causes of cracks in the machine parts are as follows:

1) The cooling water is not removed in the cylinder head of the machine. In winter, when the machine is shut down, water is not released in time, resulting in ice

2) The internal stress is generated when the casting is forged,  and it increases gradually with vibration during use

3) Due to the piston rupture, the connecting rod screw breaking, etc., the connecting rod is broken off, the balance iron on the crankshaft flies out and breaks the body or the parts in the air valve fall off the bad cylinder head.

 The crack inspection scheme is as follows:

A. Infiltration kerosene

Before inspection, wipe the body and cylinder head with a cotton yarn soaked with kerosene, dip the dry cotton yarn in kerosene to wipe off any suspected cracks and apply white powder immediately. The kerosene permeates the white powder where there are cracks, and the crack will show up.

B. Hydraulic pressure method

The crack site is examined by means of cooling water pressure. Before inspection, plug the water pipe joint between the body and the cylinder head, connect one of the hose joints and the outlet with a rubber hose. Select the special cover plate with the same size as the upper plane of the body. In addition, the cooling water should not overflow. Turn on the switch and let the room water enter the cooling water jacket. When the switch is out of water, close the switch. And stop the water supply when the pressure gauge pointer reaches 3-4 atmospheres. Check the body carefully, there is any leakage or water seepage in the top and bottom of the cylinder head.


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