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The air compressor is equipped with a dryer, Why is there still a lot of water?
- Nov 05, 2018 -

In the aftertreatment equipment of the screw air compressor, there are mainly a gas storage tank, a dryer and a filter. The dry compressed air ensures uninterrupted operation of the air compressor air system and production process.


The function of the dryer is to eliminate the condensation water in the compressed air and ensure the discharge of dry and clean compressed air. After the relevant dryer is equipped, but the compressed air still contains water, because of following five reasons.


 1. The air humidity around the air compressor station is large

The air itself has humidity and contains a certain amount of water. When the air is compressed, the internal temperature of the compressor is high, the water directly evaporates to form water vapor, and together with the pressure is discharged to the compressor. When the machine is shut down, the temperature drops, and the water vapor forms Condensed water. Therefore, the working environment humidity of the air compressor must be low, or the condensed water is discharged before being started machine.


2 .After-treatment drying equipment failure

The general drying capacity of the dryer is pressure dew point 3 °C. If your working site temperature is lower than 3 °C, there will have water. At this time, it is recommended to configure the micro-drying dryer to process the drying equipment, and the pressure dew point can reach -20 °C without generating water.


3. Air compressor configuration of post-processing drying equipment capacity is not enough

In general, the amount of dry post-treatment that the manufacturer configures for the user is configured according to the average air consumption. If your instantaneous air consumption is large, the capacity of the post-treatment drying equipment will be insufficient, resulting in forming water in the air.


4 .The gas tank itself has the function of accumulating water

There is a lot of water in the air tank that is not discharged, forgetting to drain. Regularly open the drain valve under the air tank to drain the water.




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