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Ten precautions for using the dryer(2)
- Feb 18, 2019 -


6.When the air pressure is more than 0.15MPa, the drain of the normally open automatic drain can be closed. The displacement of the air compressor is too small, the drain port is open, and air is blown out.

7.The quanlity of the compressed air is too bad. If dust or oil mix in,it will attach to the Heat exchanger, then will reduce the Work efficiency.At the same time,the Drainage is also easy to fail. It is desirable to install a filter at the inlet of the dryer and to confirm that the drainage is not less than once a day.

8. The dryer vent will be cleared use the vacuum cleaner every month.

9. Turn on the power, and then turn on the compressed air after the operation is stable. After stopping the operation, you must wait for more than 3 minutes before starting again.

10.If use the automatic drain, should often check the function of the drain whether normal. Always clean the dust on the condenser.And check the pressure of the refrigerant to determine if the refrigerant leaks and if the capacity of the freezer changes. Check to see if the temperature of the condensate is normal.

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