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Structure and working principle of screw air compressor oil tank
- Jul 12, 2018 -

The oil tank has two functions, oil separation and oil storage. The compressed oil and gas mixture is discharged to the oil separation tank, and the rotation of the oil separation tank can separate most of the lubricating oil; storing more lubricating oil, avoiding the newly separated hot oil immediately participating in the next cycle, and is beneficial for reducing the exhaust temperature.


There are two types of oil tanks: horizontal and vertical. There are oil cores, oil return pipes, safety valves, minimum pressure valves, pressure gauges, etc. are installed on the tank. There is a oil hole on the tank for refueling.


The air after separator with oil, is passed through a minimum pressure maintaining valve, flows to the rear cooler for cooling, and then discharged to the air compressor.


The minimum pressure maintenance valve is also a one-way valve and can be referred to as an exhaust valve above the oil tank. Located at the outlet of the oil and gas separator above the oil and gas tank, the opening pressure is set to about 0.45 MPa. The minimum pressure valve has the following functions:


(1) Non-return function: prevent the compressed air flowing back in the pipeline when the pressure in the oil and gas tank drops after stopping;


(2) Prioritize the circulation pressure required for the lubrication to ensure the lubrication of the machine;


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