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Selection principle of air filter
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Under normal circumstances, the last stage of the air filter to determine the cleanliness of the wind, the front-end air filters on the last stage of the air filter to protect the last stage of the air filter to extend the service life, to ensure its normal work. In the selection of air filters, must be fully considered, according to the specific circumstances to choose the appropriate air filter, the selection principle is as follows:

1. According to the indoor requirements of clean purification standards, determine the efficiency of the last stage of the air filter, reasonable choice of air filter combination series and the efficiency at all levels. such as indoor requirements for general purification, you can use the primary filter, such as indoor requirements of medium purification, should be used in the first and middle effect of two filters, such as indoor demand for super clean, you should use the initial, medium and high efficiency level three purification filtration, and should reasonably properly match the efficiency of all levels of filters, if the adjacent two-stage filter efficiency difference is too large, Then the first stage filter can not be the protective effect on the latter level filter.

2. Correct determination of dust content and dust particle characteristics of outdoor air. The dust content of outdoor air is a very important data because the filter is to filter the outdoor air and purify it into the room. Especially in the multistage purification filtration treatment, the choice of the pre filter to the use of the environment, spare parts costs, operating energy consumption, maintenance and supply factors, such as the comprehensive consideration after the decision.

3. Correctly determine the characteristics of the filter. The filter is characterized by filtration efficiency, resistance, penetration rate, dust content, filtration speed and air volume. In conditions permitting, should be used as far as possible to select high efficiency, low resistance, dust capacity, filter wind speed is moderate, processing air volume, manufacturing and installation convenient, low price filter. This is an economic analysis of the need for a comprehensive consideration of one-time investment and two-time investment and energy efficiency in the selection of air filters.

4. Analyze the nature of the dust-containing gas. The nature of the dust-containing gas associated with the selection of air filters is mainly the temperature, humidity, the amount of acid-base and organic solvents. Because some filters are allowed to use at high temperature, and some filters can only at room temperature, constant humidity work, and dust-containing gas containing acid-base and organic solvents in the air filter performance efficiency are affected.