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Screw air compressor maintenance cycle table
- Jul 16, 2018 -

According to authoritative statistics, screw air compressors have been widely used in various industries of national production, and have become an indispensable equipment in industrial production, providing a high-quality compressed air for daily production.

Relatively speaking, screw air compressors are also a relatively expensive device. The purchase cost is high and the maintenance cost is not low. Therefore, for the general enterprise, maintenance is necessary to avoid the occurrence of faults, which is an important part of the daily use of air compressors.

So how long is the maintenance cycle of the screw air compressor reasonable? What are the maintenance contents? The following is a maintenance cycle and content table provided by Qingdao Fu Tai Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd about screw air compressor:

Maintenance   cycle (unit: hour)

Maintenance   content


Replace   the oil and oil filter for the running-in period of the new machine


Grease   the bearings of the main motor


Replace   the oil and oil filter


Replace   the air filter core


Replace   oil, oil filter, oil separator, check pressure and temperature readings.   Perform indicator and display tests to check for possible air, oil and water   leaks, remove and clean the float valve in the soda filter, and test the   ability to stop due to a temperature fault. Test the safety valve.

Regarding the above table, what needs to be added is:

1. This table is made under standard conditions. If your screw air compressor is in a harsh working environment, shorten the maintenance cycle as appropriate.

2. The entire maintenance process is best handled by a professional to avoid unnecessary trouble.


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