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Preparation before screw air compressor maintenance
- Jul 30, 2018 -

1. Turn off the power of the main unit and hang the mark at the power switch;

2. Close the shut-off valve to the air supply system to prevent the compressed air from flowing back to the part being repaired;

3. Open the vent valve, drain the pressure in the system, and keep the vent valve open;

4. For water-cooled machines, the water supply system must be shut off to release the water line pressure;

5. Ensure that the compressor unit has cooled down to prevent burns;

6. Wipe the oil marks and water marks on the ground to prevent slipping.

Note: 1.Don't take it for granted that the machine is shut down, you can carry out inspection and maintenance work, and the automatic control system of the machine will start the compressor at any time.

2.Poor maintenance not only affects the normal operation of the unit, but also affects the safety of the operator.

3.Do not remove nuts, filler plugs, and other parts while the compressor is running or under pressure.

4.Do not use flammable solvents (such as gasoline or kerosene) to clean air filters or other parts. Use safe solvents as instructed.


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