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Operating Procedures for separators
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1, before the operation of the separation of the import and export pipeline, valve connection is correct, check the connection bolts are fastened;

2, open the natural gas export valve and raw material import valve, pay attention to observe liquid level indication, should make liquid level maintain between 1/2~1/3, if have abnormal phenomenon, adjust the opening degree of import and export valve in time, in order to achieve stable state;

3, the equipment into a stable state of operation, pay attention to observe liquid level instructions, not less than 1/2, such as too low, should be off small oil, water discharge valve, to accumulate liquid to reach the specified range and then start normal discharge;

4, pay attention to observe the internal temperature, pressure, whether normal, to prevent over-temperature, overpressure operation, regular record, liquid level should be recorded at the same time;

5, every half month excluding the equipment interior dirt and silt once;

6, pressure gauge, pressure gauge valve, safety valve and other operators are not allowed to install and dismantle, open, close, etc.

7, pay attention to the change in oil temperature to prevent sand card, wax card, wax plugging and running oil accident occurred;

8. When the separator is stopped, it shall purge the container and the liquid in the pipeline.