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Important indicators of air compressor oil products
- Sep 06, 2018 -

l Flash point: The temperature at which the flare flashes within three seconds when the oil touch the flame.


l Flammability point: The temperature at which the oil is ignited.


l Viscosity: At 40 ° C, the oil flow rate, screw air compressors generally use No.46, only a few air compressor brands use No.32. To test whether the oil is oxidized or has reached the service life, that depends on the viscosity change. Generally ,the mineral oil cannot exceed 15%. If it is used for too long, it will oil gel or carbonization.


l Viscosity index: The index of viscosity of oil to changes in temperature. The higher the better, such as the index of mineral oil is generally less than 120.


l Pour point: The lowest temperature at which the oil stays in flow. The pour point is the lower, the better. For example, the pour point of mineral oil is between minus 19 degrees and 21 degrees. For example, in the cold regions of northern China, the temperature in winter is low, the pour point of mineral oil is high, and the air compressor cannot be started. It is necessary to heat the air compressor before starting. If synthetic oil is used, such problems will not occur.


l Density: That is the specific gravity. The general oil is around 0.85, except for Sullair's SULLBUE32# and Ingersoll Rand's super coolant is around 0.99.


l Acid value: The new oil will not exceed 0.09. The old oil is used in the air compressor. Impurities, iron filings and acidic substances will increase the acid value of the oil, which will also accelerate the oxidation of the oil. If the acid value of the oil exceeds 1, it means that the pollution of the oil is high, which is recommended to replace it.



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