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How to plan ahead before purchasing a screw air compressor to avoid future troubles?
- Oct 18, 2018 -

1.The choice of pressure:

a. The higher the pressure, the greater the power consumption. The pressure drop caused by the size and length of the pipe diameter must be considered, and the pressure at which the pressure is used is the lowest limit.

b. List the pressures of various types of machines. If the pressure difference is too much, you must purchase air compressors with different pressures or use a supercharger. Do not reduce the pressure and increase the electricity bill.


2.The choice of venue:

a. Choose a spacious, well-lit place for operation and maintenance.

b. Choose a place with low temperature, low dust, clean air and good ventilation. The room temperature should be below 40 °C.


3.The choice of model:

a. Calculate the total actual air volume plus the balance.

b. Pay attention to the energy consumption ratio to save power. The actual displacement (m3/min) is divided by the actual horsepower (HP), and the larger the value, the more power is saved.


4.Compressed air quality and requirements:

Compressed air contains a lot of water, which will cause great damage to precision instruments, pneumatic tools, pneumatic equipment, valves, instruments, pipelines, etc. because water will cause machine corrosion, block the instrument, reduce the quality of the finished product, damage the equipment and later repair and maintenance costs will increase, so it is necessary to install a compressed air dryer.


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