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How to Judge the Quality of the Screw Air Compressor Parts?
- Jan 21, 2019 -

As we all know, the parts of the air compressor are often to replace,including air filter, oil filter, oil separator and the oil of the screw air compressor. Therefore, how to judge the quality of the air compressor? Today, the engineer will introduce the judge way to us.

1.Air filter, it can be indentified with our naked eyes. The density and the quality of filter paper also can be indentified with our naked eyes. The Poor quality air filter will make a lot of impurity dust into the screw air compressor inside, blocking the air oil separator, resulting in internal pressure is too high, the safety valve open and spray oil.

2.Oil filter, the quality can not be identified by the naked eye, can only be judged by the use of time. If the alarm is blocked or the oil pressure is small before the specified time, the exhaust gas temperature is too high, which is caused by blockage of the oil filter. If the oil filter quality is poor, the air compressor may malfunction.

3.Oil separator . Its cost is higher, so is its price. The quality of oil separator made of imported filter paper is better, especially Differential pressure ratio and the oil filter.

4.Screw air compressor special oil, the oil is the blood of the air compressor. Without good oil, the air compressor cannot run. The screw air compressor  special oil  belongs to the petroleum. It includes 8000h Synthetic oil and the 4000h Semi-synthetic oil and 2000h mineral oil. So it is more than important to select the best screw air compressor special oil.

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