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Analysis of the Causes of the Death of the Screw Air Compressor Head
- Sep 27, 2018 -

1.The lack of lubricants, there may be several reasons for insufficient lubricant:


1) Long-term non-use (including transportation), the internal oil quantity of the machine head is insufficient, resulting in an instant lack of oil, resulting in locking, so equipment that has been shut down for a long time must add enough oil firstly to the machine head before starting the machine;


2) Insufficient oil supply, including the replacement or addition of lubricating oil is not in time, or the oil circuit is blocked or leaked, resulting in the lack of oil in the machine head;


2. The rotor is locked in direct contact, which may cause the situation as follows:


1Bearing aging, serious wear,.

The specific test bearing wear degree when the bearing is not removed, dialling needle roller or ball the lower inside of the bearing, if you can easily dial then the bearing need to be replaced. With the running time of the air compressor, the main engine bearing will inevitably wear, leading to increased axial and radial movement of the screw rod, which will change the clearance between the screw rod and the screw rod, between the screw rod and the host shell and the front and rear end face. This gap change is normal and permissible during the service life of the bearing, and the resulting air amount attenuation and transmission motor load increase are also normal and permissible. However, serious consequences can occur when the bearing wears and the main engine clearance exceeds the allowable limit.


2Too many impurities, including impurities in the oil, carbon deposits, and coking.

Therefore, it is more important to choose lubricating oil and replace the lubricating oil; such accidents are more likely to occur when using inferior lubricating oil or overdue use.



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