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Fault detection of screw air compressor
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. Screw compressor failure Phenomenon: large fuel consumption or compressed air oil content

The reason for this failure is due to too much cooling dose, the correct position should be observed when the unit is loaded, when the oil level should not be higher than half; back to the tubing plug will also cause screw compressor fault;

The installation of the back tubing does not meet the requirements will cause screw compressor gas consumption is too large, the unit running exhaust pressure is too low, oil separation core rupture will lead to screw air compressor failure, separation cylinder internal partition damage, refrigerant metamorphism or extended use.

2. Screw compressor Failure phenomenon: low pressure unit

The reason for this fault is that the actual gas consumption is larger than the output volume of the unit; Screw air compressor discharge, inlet valve failure (can not be closed when loading); The transmission system is abnormal, the ambient temperature is too high, the air filter is blocked, the load solenoid valve (1SV) is faulty, the minimum pressure valve is dead, the user's network has leakage, the pressure transducer, the pressure gauge, Pressure switch, such as screw compressor failure will lead to low pressure pressure sensor or pressure gauge input hose leakage;

3. Screw compressor failure phenomenon: Fan motor overload

Fan deformation, fan motor failure, fan motor thermal Relay Fault (aging), wiring loose, cooler blockage, exhaust wind resistance is large.

4. Screw type air compressor failure phenomenon: The unit current is big

The voltage is too low, the wiring is loose, the unit pressure exceeds the rated pressure, the oil separation core is blocked, the contactor fault, the host fault, the main motor fault.