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Fault Cause Of Air Compressor Air Oil Separator
- Jan 03, 2019 -

In the process of use, maybe encounter different failure problems, and oil separator burning is one of them. The failure of the oil separator burning is actually that the oil separaotr is ignited.

There are main causes of this situation :

1. Increased oil content in the air line

2. Check the oil pressure is whether too high or not. Generally, the screw air pressure opportunity has a filter front pressure gauge. And the oil separator should be replaced when the pressure difference between the front pressure gauge and the air supply pressure gauge reaches 0.08 MPa.

3. Check if the current has increased.

4. Electrostatic discharge produces an open flame. Check the grounding of the air compressor is normal and whether the oil and gas barrel is connected to the ground of the machine. When replacing the oil separator, be sure to pay attention to the electrostatic conducting nail in the gasket on the oil core. The nail is grounded to the ground to ensure that the electrostatic generated by oil passing through the oil and gas separator is completely removed.

5. Poor oil quality leads to carbon accumulation. The safety valve is blocked by carbon accumulation and the internal pressure is too high, causing the oil separator to explode.



1. Air compressor used for a period of time, or low temperature in winter, before starting the machine again, add a small amount of lubricating oil to the inside of the main engine, to ensure that the main engine is fully lubricated and cooled when starting.

2.In daily operation should pay attention to the exhaust temperature of the air compressor, once the machine is found to operate for a long time, the exhaust temperature is too high, find the cause of high temperature and solve the problem.


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