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Do you know the pressure vessel with steel Q345 and 16Mn?
- Nov 22, 2018 -

In the air compressor industry, the most common pressure vessels are the air storage tanks and the oil and air tanks in air compressors.


The name of 16Mn is the traditional international standard. It refers to a carbon content of 0.16% and a manganese content (0.7%-1.0%). The new international  standard has not required the manganese content of this material, so it is not represented by 16mn. It is now classified as a low alloy high strength structural steel. That is to say as follwing, Q345.


Q345 is a low alloy steel (C<0.2%) widely used in construction, bridges, vehicles, ships, pressure vessels, etc. Q represents the yield strength of this material, and the latter 345 refers to the yield value of this material, around 345 MPa. And the yield value decreases as the thickness of the material increases.


The air storage tanks of the air compressor is generally made of Q345R and Q235. Q345 has good comprehensive mechanical properties, good low temperature performance, good plasticity and weldability, and is used as medium and low pressure vessels, oil tanks, vehicles, cranes, mining machinery, power stations, bridges. Structures, mechanical parts, building structures, general metal structural parts that used in hot-rolled or normalized conditions, can be used in various structures in cold regions below -40 °C.


The proportion of the main constituent elements of Q345 steel is basically the same as that of 16Mn steel. The difference is that the V, Ti and Nb trace alloy elements are added. A small amount of V, Ti, Nb alloy elements can refine the grains, greatly improve the toughness of the steel, and the comprehensive mechanical properties of the steel are greatly improved.


Because of this, the thickness of the steel plate can be made larger. Therefore, the comprehensive mechanical properties of Q345 steel should be better than 16Mn steel, especially its low temperature performance is not available in 16Mn steel.


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