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Construction and Working Principle Of Air Compressor Oil Separator
- Dec 27, 2018 -

1.The working priciple of air oil separator.

The function of the air oil separator is separated the oil from the air, and the oil is returned to the internal circulation of the machine, so that the air is discharged for use. The oil and air mixture enters the air oil tank, impact the curved surface, the flow rate is greatly reduced, the flow direction changes, and large oil droplets are formed. Due to their heaviness, the large tribe enters the bottom of the tank. The remaining small portion of the oil flow through the oil separator and deposits at the bottom of it. A return oil pipe is taken from the bottom of the oil separator and connected back to the compressor inlet; due to the pressure difference, the oil accumulated at the bottom of the oil separator flows back to the compressor inlet, the return pipe has a sight glass, and an orifice (front filter) ensure that the oil return is stable.

2. The construction of air oil separator.

The oil separator is made of multiple layers of fine glass fiber, and the misty oil contained in the compressed air can be almost completely filtered out through the oil separator, below 3 ppm. Under normal operation, the degree of pollution of the lubricating oil and the surrounding environment has a great impact on its life. If the environmental pollution is very serious, consider installing a front air filter; the oil separator outlet is equipped with a pressure maintaining valve, the compressed air passes from here to the rear cooler. There is also safety valve and unloading valve connected to the oil separator outlet. The oil filtered by the oil separator is concentrated in a small circular groove at the center of the bottom, and then returned to the bearing end of the body by a return pipe to prevent the filtered lubricating oil from being discharged with the air.


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