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Common problems of lubricating oil
- Sep 10, 2018 -

1,Oil glue

The base oil of lubricating oil is not good, and there are many impurities in the gray matter. These substances are easily oxidized. Through the oxidation reaction of high temperature and air, the slag-like sludge is formed. In severe cases, cause the air compressor head is locked, ,the premonition general of oil glue is that the compressed air smells bad and the air compressor runs at a high current.



2, Oil carbonization

When the air compressor is operated at high temperature, especially after more than 95 degrees, the light and heavy components of the oil will separate. After oxidation, like the paint will be adsorbed on the surface of the component, which will cause the oil separator to be clogged, the oil seal of the machine head will wear and leak, and will shorten the bearing use life .


3, Oil emulsified

The air compressor runs for a long time at low temperature, the moisture in the machine is not evaporated in time, the oil and water are mixed and emulsified to the milk-like liquid.


4, The air outlet has a higher oil content

Oils have poor oil and gas separability, and there are many hydrides in the base oil, making it difficult to separate from compressed air.


5, The color of the old oil is abnormal

Under normal circumstances, the color of the oil will become dark red or black, but if the color such as purple indicates improper use of the oil additive, it is recommended to replace the oil in time.


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