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Common faults and analysis of screw air compressors (2)
- Jul 26, 2018 -

4. Failure phenomenon: the exhaust pressure of the unit is too high

• Intake valve failure;

• Hydraulic cylinder failure;

• The load solenoid valve (1SV) is faulty;

• The pressure setting is too high;

• Pressure sensor failure (Intellisys control unit);

• Pressure gauge failure (relay control unit);

• Pressure switch failure (relay control unit).

5, Failure phenomenon: the unit current is large

• The voltage is too low;

• Loose wiring;

• The unit pressure exceeds the rated pressure;

• The oil separation core is clogged;

• The contactor failure;

• The host failure;

• The main motor is faulty;

6, Failure phenomenon: the unit can not start

• The fuse is broken;

• The temperature switch is broken;

• The wiring is loose;

•The main motor thermal relay action;

• The fan motor thermal relay action;

• The transformer is broken;

• Intellisys has no power input (Intellisys control unit);

• The fault has not been eliminated (Intellisys control unit);

• Intellisys controller failure.

7, Failure phenomenon: the current is large or tripped when the unit starts

• User air switch failure;

• The input voltage is too low;

• The star-delta transition interval is too short (should be 10 to 12 seconds);

• Hydraulic cylinder failure (no reset);

• Intake valve failure (opening is too large or stuck);

• Loose wiring;

•The host failure;

• The main motor is faulty;

• 1TR time relay is faulty (relay control unit).

8, Failure phenomenon: fan motor overload

• Fan deformation;

• Fan motor failure;

• Fan motor thermal relay failure (aging);

• Loose wiring;

• The cooler is blocked;

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