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Common causes and solutions for air filter of air compressor
- Aug 30, 2018 -

1.The air filter of Air compressor has poor filtering effect

(1) The intake air is not pre-treatment ----- Add pre-filter;

(2) Filter aging ------ Replace the filter;

(3) The air contains chemical substances that cannot be sucked by the filter element-----Stop and inspection;

(4) The flow rate exceeds the rated value --- Exchange the large flow filter;

(5) There is airflow short circuit in the filter ----- Find the cause, symptomatic treatment;

(6 )The filter fastening screw is not tightened ----- Tighten the filter;

(7) The filter inlet and outlet are reversed ------ Look for the direction of the mark to reconnect;

(8) The downstream pipeline is not clean------ Flush the downstream pipeline;

(9) There are residual pollutants at the point of use------ Remove residual pollutants;

(10) The bypass valve is not closed------ Close the bypass valve.


2. Increase of pressure drop of air filter of air compressor:

(1) The filter element is clogged or the adsorption amount is too large----- Change the filter;

(2) The intake impurity load is large ------ Pretreatment;

(3) The filter installation is not level ------ Reinstall.

(4) Water in the filter cartridge ------Find out the cause, drain water;

(5) The automatic drainer fails ------- Adjust and repair it or replace the drainer;


3. The air filter of air compressor stop working

(1) The inlet and outlet ports are not open ------- Open the valve;

(2) The filter element is seriously blocked ------ Change the filter;

(3) The filter is damaged ------- Change the filter;

(4) The hose is blocked ------- Repair the hose.


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