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Cleaning of air compressor seven steps
- May 31, 2018 -

1. Cleaning of the whole machine.

(1) the air compressor is operated for a few minutes, and the oil reaches normal temperature;

(2) close the air compressor, wait for internal pressure to be discharged, open the refueling cover, pour into the air compressor cleaning agent, and tighten the refueling cover;

(3) turn on the air compressor for 30 minutes;

(4) remove the old oil and add the new oil;

(5) the temperature of the air compressor normally after cleaning will drop by about 10 degrees.

2. Cleaning of water vapour separator.

(1) the screw air compressor structure similar to YouQiGuan moisture separator, air inlet on wall design, solid model into a centrifugal force, the weight of the water and air factor, thus can effectively separate the moisture in compressed air;

(2) the cleaning method is to remove the water vapor separator cover and wash it with cleaning agent.

3. Cleaning of cooler.

(1) water-cooled cooler:

Disconnect the cooling water inlet and outlet pipe;To soak or wash with the pump;Rinse with water;Install the cooling water in and out of the pipe.

(2) air-cooled chiller:

Clean the cover plate or remove the cooling fan;Blow the dirt off with compressed air, and take out the air guide cover.If it is dirtier, spray some degreasing agent.When the screw air compressor cannot be cleaned with the above method, it needs to remove the cooler, soak or spray it with the cleaning solution and clean with the brush (no wire brush).Cover plate or cooling fan.

(3) oil cooler:

When the oil cooler has a serious scale, the oil cooler can be removed separately by removing the oil cooler when it is not ideal, and the two end caps can be opened, and the scale can be cleaned with special cleaning steel brush or other tools.The screw air compressor needs to clean the oil side when it is not effective to reduce the temperature of the media side of the cooler. The steps are as follows:

A. Disconnect the inlet and outlet tubing;

B. Infusion of cleaning solution to soak or wash with the pump (the recoil effect is better);

Rinse with water;

C. use dry air to dry or remove water with dehydrated oil;Put in and out of the tubing.

4. Cleaning of the temperature control valve of screw air compressor.

Screw air compressor temperature control valve side there is a cover, cover with screw holes, find a suitable nut screw in the cover, then cover the card with fixed the circlip pliers to take out the spring, then use pliers pull just screwed into the nut, can take cover and all parts inside.Clean all parts of the temperature control valve by cleaning the valve.

5. Relief valve (inlet valve) cleaning.

Bilge is serious when such as inlet valve, change a new detergent when cleaning, cleaning process should be wash cleaner parts, after washing the dirt more components, components used water rinse rinse again, in order to avoid corrosion and shorten the service life of components, wash clean parts in a clean place to dry, so as to avoid rusty iron parts.In cleaning the valve plate and valve body contact with the valve plate, should pay attention to the table surface smoothness, and should be cleaned and replaced when necessary, otherwise it will cause air compressor load starting (large sets of screw air compressor load starting would produce not starting phenomenon)

6. Minimum pressure valve cleaning.

(1) the minimum pressure valve in the screw air compressor may seem small, but don't underestimate it. It controls the whole machine.So be more careful.

(2) the minimum pressure valve's structure is very simple, unscrew the valve core and valve body between the nut screw air compressor can take out the inside of the components, small unit, the minimum pressure valve valve core is placed inside the body, the open cover body can take out all the internal components.

(3) the minimum pressure valve can be cleaned with the minimum pressure valve according to the cleaning load valve, and the minimum pressure valve of the screw air compressor shall be put aside and put into the air compressor after the whole cleaning process is completed.

7. Clean the oil return valve.

(1) the function of the return oil one-way valve is to recycle the oil of the oil and gas separator to the main engine without the oil flowing from the main engine to the oil and gas separator.

(2) the return oil single valve has a joint in the valve body, which is unscrewed from that place and takes out the spring, steel ball, and steel bead seat.

(3) clean the return oil check valve: clean the valve body, spring, steel ball, steel bead seat with the cleaning agent, part of the one-way valve and the filter net, if any, clean together.