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Causes of oil leakage of screw air compressor oil seal (2)
- Aug 16, 2018 -

5.The Vibration is too large. At the input shaft end of the machine head, the vibration caused by the poor dynamic balance of the pulley or shaft, resulting in excessive wear of the shaft seal and oil leakage.

6.The axial external force or coaxial degree is poor(common in machine heads with gear growth rates), and such machine heads often use coupling enters power. Due to the poor adjustment and assembly of the coupling, the axial external force and the poor coaxial degree may cause the shaft cover and the shaft lip to beat and wear quickly. At the same time, it should be noted that the semi-coupling on the machine head must use hot installation.

7.The improper maintenance. When the user dismounting the machine head for some reason, it should be noted do not to damage the shaft lip seal, and when install the oil seal, it must use a special outfit according to the process requirements(this is quite important). certainly, if replace the oil seal, we recommend to use the original spare parts and replace the shaft sleeve at the meantime, otherwise it is difficult to pass the pressure test for meet the maintenance standards.

8.Oil carbonization. Due to the high normal operating temperature of the screw air compressor, when the quality of the compressor oil used is not good or the oil is not changed according to the stipulated time or the wrong oil is used(not using the special oil of the screw air compressor) or the mixture of different types of oil may generate carbon accumulation at a long period of higher temperatures, resulting in excessive wear on the lips, poor seal and leaking oil.


9.Bearings wear. Because of poor oil quality or impurity, it is easy to cause early wear of the bearings. radial deviation of the output shaft causes the oil seal lip to wear and leak.

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