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Causes of oil leakage of screw air compressor oil seal (1)
- Aug 13, 2018 -

After using the screw air compressor for a period of time, sometimes there will be oil seeping out of the pulley. This situation is generally caused by the oil seal leakage. There are many factors that cause the screw seal of the screw air compressor to leak oil. as follows:


1. The working environment of the screw air compressor is too dirty, the sludge impurities and the like are in contact with the oil seal lip, which causes the oil seal to wear quickly.


2. The oil return is not smooth. Most of the head shaft sealing chambers to the suction chamber have oil return holes and oil return check valves composed of the fluorine rubber balls. When the machine head is working normally, the suction chamber is under negative pressure, and the excess oil inside the shaft seal is sucked back into the machine through the oil return hole and the oil return check valve. When the suction chamber is positive pressure, the check valve prevents the oil and gas in the machine from affecting the shaft seal. Therefore, when oil or dirty carbon deposits block the oil return, the oil return is not smooth and the oil leaks. There are also some fluoro rubber balls that are not easy to notice when they are repaired by themselves. If the fluoro rubber balls are lost or forgotten, the pressure inside the machine head is passed through the oil return hole, so that the shaft seal is subjected to a large amount of oil to squeeze and leak oil.


3. Some models have an O-ring seal between the oil seal and the shaft. When the pulley is not pressed against the shaft sleeve during assembly, the sleeve will rotate and the O-ring will wear and leak oil.



4. Spray paint on the bushing. In the assembly or maintenance of the production plant, the spray is sprayed on the shaft sleeve, resulting in poor lip seal and oil leakage.



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