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Cause analysis and treatment method of air compressor contactor fault ( Ⅱ )
- Feb 11, 2019 -

4. Poor contact of the contactor contacts

a. Contactor contacts accumulated dust, oil or burned. Contact should be replaced at this time.

b. Contact spring is too soft, at this time to check the spring force, if necessary to replace.

5. When the contact head is closed, the contact head has spark.

a. Contact does not meet the requirements, then replace the contactor if necessary.

b. Contact spring is too soft. The spring should be replaced

c. Burnt contact, poor contact. At this time, the contact should be removed, clean the surface, and replace the contact if necessary.

6. The contactor arise the abnormal sound.

a. Poor contact of the armature and core,it has dirt and the rusty between them. Cleaning the bonding surface at this time.

b.The ring of the short circuit is broken, so replace the short circuit ring.

c. Excessive contact pressure, should replace the spring of the contactor.

d.The clamping bolt of the armature and core is loose. Then should fasten the bolt.

e. Low voltage. At this time,should check the power voltage and improve it.

f. The matching parts of the contacror is not apporiate. It is necessary to repair and find the cause and improve.


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