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Cause analysis and treatment method of air compressor contactor fault ( I )
- Feb 07, 2019 -

1. The power is on, but the contacts are not fully closed. The contact spring is too soft, so it is a time to adjust the Spring force.

2.When Power off, the contactor armature has not been dropped. The reasons as follows:

a. The contact spring is too soft, it is a time to adjust the Spring force.

b. The bottom plate is unevenly convex, and the protruding portion is eliminated at this time.

c. When the armature or mechanical part is stuck, it should be trimmed to make it flexible.

d. If the contacts are welded together, replace them.

3. The main contactor is hot.

a. The load is more than the Rated Capacity,then should check the reason of the overload and then take it to out.

b. Contact stroke is too large or burned.then should replace the contact.

c. The contact is lack of pressure,at this time, should check the pressure, replace the spring if necessary.

d. The contact accmulates too much drity and the oil stain, at this time should remove the contact, and clear the surface of the contact.

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