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Brief introduction of screw type air compressor
- Feb 02, 2018 -

It has become an inevitable trend to use the high reliability screw air compressor to replace the more and less reliable piston air compressor. According to statistics: Japan's screw compressor accounted for only 27% in 1976, 1985 rose to 85%. And the Western developed countries screw air compressor market share of 80%, and maintain the rising momentum. The screw air compressor has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, no wearing parts, reliable work, long life and simple maintenance.

Single screw air compressor also known as Worm air compressor, single screw air compressor meshing by a 6-head screw and 2 11-tooth star-wheel composition. The worm is meshed with two star wheels even if the worm is balanced and the displacement is increased by one time, the volume of the air compressor is small, only 9 cubic meters per minute (9m3/min) The weight of the worm compressor is only 1/6 of the piston type.