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Analysis of the Causes of Screw Air Compressor Shutdown
- Oct 25, 2018 -

1.When the machine is shut down, the air inlet of the screw air compressor is sprayed outward.

When the air compressor suddenly stops but the exhaust valve is not opened in time, and the exhaust gas is exhausted, the air inlet will spray the cooling oil outward. At this point, first check if the intake valve is faulty, resulting in failure to close properly. The second check is that the oil shut-off solenoid valve has a fault. If it is normal, it should be further checked whether the check valve on the main exhaust pipe can be closed or closed in time. If it is faulty, it should be eliminated.

2.The screw air compressor is automatically stopped during operation.

There are two main reasons for the screw air compressor to automatically trip and stop during operation.

The first is the power grid factor. Because the machine itself has undervoltage protector, fault phase protector, high voltage protector and other safety protection devices. When the grid voltage is lower than about 90% of the rated voltage, or when the power phase sequence is incorrect and the three-phase power supply is out of phase, it will automatically trip and stop.

Second, the exhaust temperature is too high. There may be a shortage of lubricating oil, the cooler is blocked, or the temperature control valve fails to operate normally and so on.

3.The screw air compressor exhaust pressure is too low.

First check if the intake valve is fully open and the current is within the normal range. Then check if the external air volume is increased or if there is a leak.

4 .The temperature is too high.

This is the most common failure of the screw air compressor, which is described in detail here. The screw air compressor sets the maximum exhaust temperature to 120 degrees Celsius. When the temperature reaches 110 degrees, the temperature warning light starts to flash alarm. When it exceeds 120 degrees, it will automatically stop.


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