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Analysis of the Causes of Large Oil Consumption of Air Compressors
- Feb 28, 2019 -

In the actual using process,the air compressor may have excessive oil content  in the outlet air(large fuel consumption). The high fuel consumption is one of the common malfunctions.The requirement of the oil-injected screw air compressor oil,through the oil separator ,the residual oil of the air compressor is less than 3ppm.

 If the oil content of the outlet air is greater than 3 ppm, it is a large fuel consumption. Not only will it contaminate the post-processing equipment such as dryers and precision filters, resulting in different degrees of damage to certain gas-using equipment, and will also affect the quality of the user's final product.

 How to judge the air compressor whether have high fuel consumption?

 1. Compare with the same work enviroment , through the oil mirror observation,observe the place of the air compressor whether decrease obviously.For example, also under the pressure of 7 bar load,whether the oil level changes before and after the time or whether the oil level is fifferent after 10 minutes of shutdown.

2.Check the valve and pipeline of the air compressor whether install correctly.And the seal whether good.The junction whether have oil leakage or oil seepage phenomenon.

3.Observe the gas tank the condensate and the condensate,comparing with the common situation,observe the exhausted condensate whether has lubricating oil.

 Through these,can judge the air compressor whether error occurred high fuel consumption  malfunction. If the air compressor occur high fuel consumtion phenomenon, if it is not in time to find the root and solve the problem,it can cause a series of trouble.There are many causes can result in air compressor running oil,the user can ask the professional maintenance staff to solve the problem.


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