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Analysis of oil leakage fault of screw compressor
- Aug 20, 2018 -

There are many points where screw compressors may leak oil. In the entire oil system, there is a possibility of oil leakage as long as there is a connection. There are many kinds of oil leakage phenomena, one is that the oil slowly penetrates out; the other is the oil leakage, which is faster; the last is to spray the oil and spray it almost instantly.Either way, it takes a process to discover. However, if there is a fuel injection failure, the shutdown will occur soon, and some will cause serious damage to the compressor.


The reason for the oil seepage is simple.Generally, the joints are not tightly connected, and under certain pressure, slight leakage will occur in the weak links. If it is found in time, maintenace is effective,will not occur major failures. However, if the oil seepage time is long, it will cause a serious disaster due to minor problem. Therefore, it cannot be taken lightly. After finding oil seepage, find a way to find out the cause of oil seepage. If there are other reasons, it should be maintained in time. Slight oil seepage is not easy to find, and sometimes the dust on the site will cover the oil leakage, and even will not cause further leakage for a long time.


In the second case, when the oil leakage occurs, it is not easy to be discovered in time because the screw compressor is a box structure and is generally sealed. The screw compressor is a High noice equipment. In addition to beautiful appearance, the cabinet is mainly used to reduce certain noise and reduce personal injury. However, when the cabinet is closed, sometimes the oil leakage of the screw compressor cannot be found in time. Even if the door of a part of the cabinet is opened, it is not easy to find the oil leakage in time, because the light in the cabinet is dim in some corners. When you can find it, the dripping oil is already very seriously. Some flow to the outside of the cabinet, which is easy to find.


The phenomenon of screw compressor oil leakage is generally caused by connection, not tight or pressure increase.If this is main reason, do tighten all the leak point. But there are other deep-seated reasons, and new hidden dangers may arise, which should be noticed. The block of oil cooler will give rise to oil injection, and the oil cooler blockage is a common fault of the screw compressor. Many screw compressors that have been in operation for more than three years will have this problem, and the individual will also cause the screw compressor scrap in advance. The main reason for the blockage of the oil cooler is that the circulating water contains impurities, and the high temperature is formed into scale, and the thin copper pipe of the oil cooler is blocked, so that the oil cannot pass through the oil cooler, and this phenomenon occurs.


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