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Air compressor oil filter replacement
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Replacement time:

1. The oil filter should be replaced after 600 hours of operation of the new machine, and the oil filter should be replaced whenever the following conditions occur;

2. The filter (pressure difference) alarms at normal operating temperature, at which point the filter pressure difference exceeds 1.3 Bar. 1500 hours per run;

3. When replacing the air compressor oil.

4. Each time the oil sample test fails.


1. Stop the machine when the filter element is replaced, carefully remove the dirt and oil coming in from the outside, and prevent impurities from entering the lubrication system as much as possible;

2. On a cold morning, after the air compressor is started, the indicator light of the filter may light up. This is due to the high pressure difference caused by the low fluidity of the lubricating oil. Please monitor the indicator after the compressor operating temperature is normal.

3. If there is any indication that insoluble deposits have formed on the oil filter, it indicates that the compressor lubricant is not working properly and must be replaced immediately.

Replacement steps are as follows

1. Use a special wrench to remove the old oil filter and gasket;

2. Clean the mounting surface of the gasket;

3. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the surface of the new gasket;

4. Screw the oil filter tightly 1/2~3/4 turn by hand;

5. Reboot and check for leaks.


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