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Advantages and disadvantages of inverter air compressor
- Dec 03, 2018 -

Advantages and disadvantages of inverter air compressor

The variable frequency air compressor subverts the operation control mode of the traditional air compressor, bringing many benefits to the customer.

 1. Low starting current: Since the motor speed is adjustable, the inverter compressor can be gradually accelerated from a very low speed when starting, the starting power is very low, the corresponding starting current is also small, the starting is stable, no impact on the grid, the unit can Use in areas where the grid capacity is relatively low.

 2. Energy saving & saving money: When the user's air consumption changes, the frequency conversion unit can be used to avoid the unloading operation of the unit to the greatest extent. There is no waste of electricity and the energy saving effect is obvious. In the whole life cycle of the air compressor, compared with the conventional non-converter air compressor, the variable frequency air compressor can save about 35% of the electricity cost on average, which is equivalent to 22% of the total cost of the air compressor.

 3. Pressure stability: Since the speed of the motor can be precisely controlled, the response speed of the speed change with pressure is fast, so the exhaust pressure fluctuation of the air compressor is small, and the user can use the unit under a relatively stable and low pressure belt; At the same time, users can also configure smaller air tanks for further cost savings.


Although the inverter air compressor has many benefits, and many documents have been repeatedly mentioned, here are two points to be noted to avoid air compressor users entering certain misunderstandings. 

1. The variable frequency air compressor is especially suitable for occasions where the air consumption varies greatly. If the change of the  volume of the user is small and the air volume is stable, the energy saving effect of using the variable frequency air compressor is not very obvious. The energy-saving effect of the inverter air compressor is related to the user's air consumption mode.

 2. The frequency variation range and the air volume adjustment range of the variable frequency air compressor are limited, is not the larger the better The reason is that the high-efficiency speed zone of the air compressor mainframe has only a relatively small range. The larger the range of frequency conversion adjustment, the farther the edge is away from the high-efficiency speed zone of the host, and the lower the efficiency of the host. In addition, the motor will have the same problem, so the overall efficiency of the unit will be significantly reduced at lower speeds. In general, the frequency conversion air compressor is the most valuable in the frequency conversion range of 40-100%.


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